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The encyclopedia of French Dools ( 2 Vol. )

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Informações sobre o livro

Autores :François & Danielle Theimer
Editor :Gold Horse Publishing (2003)
Encadernação :2 Vol. hardcover w/jacket (664 full color pages) 8-½ inches x 11-½ inches
Língua :English
ISBN :978-1-931503-16-7 + 978-1-931503-17-4
EAN :9781931503167 + 9781931503174
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The encyclopedia of French Dools ( 2 Vol. ), by F. & D. Theimer, Ed. Gold Horse Publishing, 8-½ inches x 11-½ inches ( 22 cm x 29 cm ), 2 Vol. hardcover w/jacket with 664 full color pages - Edition Anglaise

This large encyclopedia in 2 volumes of 664 full color pages is the consecration of 25 years of work by French historians specialists of dolls and toys. Readers will find these books informative and fascinating reading about
French doll history of the 19th century up to 1925.
This time period encompasses the pre-industrial era, the Industrial Revolution, the dawning of the 20th century, and post WW1.
No doll firm survived throughout that entire period, although several lasted for half a century or more.
But today's collector is locking for more than fascinating reading. The need is for knowledge about the dolls that one owns or wishes to acquire. This is the hard part. In fact, the history of dolls in 19th century France is complicated and that fact underlies the two-volume work.
Thousands of references to doll firms, inventors, stores, and actual dolls are arranged alphabetically within this work enabling collectors for the first time to research and document their antique doll treasures.
Photographs or illustrations of marks, illustrations from original patent drawings, and actual advertisements from contemporary business registries accompany most entries.
There are, of course, superb photographs of existing examples of actual dolls, many previously undocumented.
Well-indexed, more than 4000 illustrations and color photographs.

The texts in English are written by François and Danielle Theimer.

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The Encyclopedia of French Dools ( 2 Vol. )

Détails du livre

Auteur :François & Danielle Theimer
Éditeur :Gold Horse Publishing (2003)
Reliure :2 Vol. reliés sous jaquette (664 pages couleurs) 22 cm x 29 cm ( 8-½ inches x 11-½ inches )
Langue(s) :Anglais
ISBN :978-1-931503-16-7 + 978-1-931503-17-4
EAN :9781931503167 + 9781931503174


The Encyclopedia of French Dools ( 2 Vol. ), de F. & D. Theimer, Ed. Gold Horse Publishing, 22 cm x 29 cm, 2 vol. relié sous jaquette avec 664 pages couleurs - Edition Anglaise

Cette grande encyclopédie en 2 volumes avec 664 pages couleurs est la consécration de 25 années de travail par les historiens français spécialistes des poupées et du jouet.
C'est la somme de recherches effectuées tant aux Archives françaises nationales et départementales, archives notariales, consultation en Bibliothèques, dans les collections, au service des brevets et marques, etc.
Vous y trouverez la quasi totalité des fabricants de poupées français recensés avant 1914 avec plus de 4000 photographies couleurs, des biographies succinctes, les modèles, la technique, des documents inédits, les marques et signatures, etc. et bien entendu de magnifiques photos de pièces dont beaucoup sont inédites.
Un ouvrage indispensable pour tous les amateurs et professionnels.

Les textes en Anglais sont de François et Danielle Theimer.

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